15 Year Old Goes Public On Cannabis Oil Use

The best proponents on cannabis oil use are obviously the people who have used it to treat their debilitating illnesses. A fifteen year old Crohn’s disease sufferer has gone public on his cannabis oil use, to treat the illness he has been fighting since the age of 11.

Coltyn Turner shared his story at the Marijuana and Health Symposium in Colarado recently and admitted that even though it was against the law, medical marijuana had changed his life.

“I’d rather be illegally alive than legally dead… I was just on every pharmaceutical there was out there until I wound up in a wheelchair.”

His parents moved from the midwest to Colorado in order to look for an alternative treatment. They gave cannabis oil a try after scores of other prescribed drugs had failed. Coltyn would take a dose of cannabis oil four times a day. The results were almost instant.

Coltyn and his family are now campaigning for a greater awareness of the benefits of cannabis oil use. With the journey that they have gone on, and the success that they have achieved, they are hoping to encourage doctors across the U.S to join them on the legalisation of cannabis for medicinal uses across all 52 states.

“We want people to understand that this is a good option,” Coltyn’s mother, Wendy, said.

Members of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment attended the Symposium. Ken Gershman addressed the gathering to spell out how far the state had gone in terms of medical marijuana use and what the future had in store.

“We are very proud of this program in terms of the potential,” said Gershman.

Gershman says nine current and upcoming studies are looking at marijuana as a treatment for illnesses stretching from insomnia and inflammatory bowel disease to post-traumatic stress disorder.

“We can’t bury our heads in the sand. We need to learn more and make sensible decisions based on evidence,” Gershman said.