Cannabis Cultivation

Botany 101 for Cannabis Cultivation – A Few Things To Keep In Mind

When it comes to cultivating cannabis, there isn’t a simple “one size fits all”.

It depends on your type of cannabis plant… are you cultivating cannabis indoors or outdoors? What’s the end product you wish to have from your cannabis horticulture?

Cannabis Agriculture – Sativa vs. Indica?

Indica plants are known for being more short and stout in their structure. Typically, these are used for making hashish.

Sativa plants are taller and flower for longer. Typically these plants are meant for hemp and medicine.

At CBDOilAngels, needless to say our plants are of the Sativa variety.

There are four stages of cannabis cultivation:

  1. Germination
  2. Seedling
  3. Vegetative
  4. Flowering

Where should I get my seedlings from?

As always with any cannabis products, you must be careful when buying online – you should only be purchasing seeds from reliable companies.

Ideally, you want to make sure your seeds are organic and you should know which type of seed you’re buying as different types of seeds will give you different types of plants i.e. ones with lower THC, higher CBD etc.

What do I need to be aware of when my plants are growing?

With all plants the basic formula is; enough light, enough water, pest protection and nutrients. Getting the balance is key as too much of any of these things isn’t good.

The cultivation of cannabis is a mixture of art and science. We constantly work to grow the perfect plants which are 100% organic and high in CBD.

Head over to our online shop to see our range; from oils to lotions, we have something for everyone.

And if you’re not sure which CBD percentage you should be picking up, or what any of it really means – just ask one of our representatives in the comments section who would love to help.