Cannabis Leaf

The Cannabis Leaf – A Timeless Emblem

The cannabis leaf has always been a great emblem omnipresent in different cultures long before it became more known in the mainstream as more of a “stoner” symbol.

One of the main reasons we have seen the cannabis leaf throughout history, so far as back to the Egyptian civilization, is because the plant was always praised for its versatility and benefits.

Indeed, cannabis leaves and the whole plant itself can be transformed into fabric, food protein, medicine, and much more.  Ancient civilizations from Egypt to China and the Byzantine empire knew of the high value of the plant and illustrated it in their art form, as it was part of their culture.

People smoking cannabis often wonder what to do with cannabis leaves, but when it comes to making some extracts from the cannabis plant, nothing is neglected. The leaves also contain some of the beneficial components of the plant and so the whole plant can be used and extracted from.

When the extract is in the laboratory it is then possible to separate the components needed to provide the appropriate products. Both cannabis sativa leaves and Indica can be used depending on what needs to be done.

At CBDOilAngels, everything we do is in correlation with nature and preserving the organic components without using pesticides or any other additives that would make our cannabis oil anything short of high quality. We use the healthiest cannabis leaves in the world, organically grown in the US, to make sure that the hemp extract we provide improves your metabolism to the best of its abilities.

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