Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Legalization – How close are we to cannabis legalization?

Cannabis legalisation in the United States has been rapidly increasing in the past few years. But what states have allowed legal cannabis?

In early 2016, cannabis legalisation in the US reached a turning point where legal cannabis was allowed in more than half the US states. In fact, in addition to Washington DC, eight more states have legalized adult-use of cannabis and more than 20 states have supported medical cannabis programs.

The process of cannabis legalisation in the USA, however, has not been the easiest. Some states where cannabis is legal are opting for some tough regulations with strict limitations.

It also seems that people’s positive opinions towards legalizing cannabis has been growing with time. Earlier in 2016, research found that more than 50% of Americans approve cannabis legalisation. In fact, most of the surveyed people tended to support legalizing medical cannabis more than recreational cannabis.

An american criminal defence lawyer, who was taking part in the survey, expressed his opinion about legalizing cannabis stating that “as long as alcohol is legal, cannabis should also be legal.” He does not personally use cannabis yet but one of his family members had used cannabis to help her maintain an appetite while she was going through a difficult struggle with cancer. He explains that “without using cannabis, she would have died as she would have not been able to eat.”

When it comes to other countries, cannabis is legalized for medical purposes in all of Australia, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Canada, Czech Republic, and Puerto Rico.

Some other countries have some very strict restrictions concerning the use of cannabis. For instance, Japan has a cannabis control law that can issue up to 5 years of prison with hard labour simply for smoking one joint. Similar laws apply to countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

But the difference between Cannabis and Hemp? Hemp contains less than 0.2% THC, making it completely legal.

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