Cannabis Oil Cancer

Cannabis Oil – Cancer Killer?

Does cannabis oil cure cancer? Many of us have wondered that very question, and the answer remains somewhat unknown.

While there hasn’t been solid evidence that cannabis oil for cancer treatment is the ultimate way to go, the natural medicine has helped thousands of people suffering from this terrible disease. Different cancers differ in gravity and so we can’t say that cannabis oil alone can cure all cancer forms, but listening to people like Rick Simpson and the thousands of people that followed his path to heal themselves for cancer, shows that there is a way.

In regards to Rick Simpson, he was able to make cannabis oil and apply it topically on the skin which in turn made the cancer infection disappear. He went on to give the medicine to people in his community and helped so many that he became known worldwide for his cannabis oil cancer treatment, now known as “Rick Simpson Oil”, which is simply cannabis oil.

Cannabis is being fought against by governments and the pharmaceutical industry, hence limiting even more thorough research on the benefits of the plants. However, the research that has been made shows positive evidence that cannabis kills cancer to a certain extent in many cases. A wider and more accepted exploitation of research for cannabis against cancer could generate even more results than we already have.

Cannabis cancer studies have been made and whether it be for healing the cancer itself to reducing the symptoms associated with chemotherapy, it seems like cannabis oil helps for cancer side effects.

The medicine can be used in many different forms. CBD oil is one of the most popular way to ingest the cannabis medicine but it can also be ingested in capsules, edibles, vapes and much more!

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