Cannabis Oil Side Effects

Cannabis Oil Side Effects – Are There Any?

The side effects of cannabis oil is a hot topic of discussion, with the natural product getting more and more worldwide recognition.

For years, people have been consuming marijuana by smoking it. While this method is harmful to one’s lungs due to combustion, it hasn’t showed to be nearly as dangerous as some prescription medicine and/or alcohol. People smoking cannabis may experience a “high” or slight “buzz” and it can have mild psychedelic effects, but no long term studies of cannabis users have proven to show true detrimental side effects to the human body.

Cannabis oil, on the other end, is a much safer way to absorb the plant’s healing components without harming the body. Also, in pure cannabis oil extracts that we sell, there is less than 0.2% THC, which means users will not have the “high” often felt when consuming marijuana.

In a study published in 1980, researchers followed daily users of cannabis oil for a month and showed that there were no serious side effects associated with the consumption of the extract. Nevertheless, some people may experience a dry mouth and some drowsiness.

The danger with cannabis oil, as well as with any other nutritional supplements, is the reliability of the source. Some manufacturers use dodgy labels that are often deceptive. Like with any purchase, and especially in the case of cannabis oil, it is important to get the product from a legitimate manufacturer.

Our products follow a very precise CO2 extraction method to ensure that what we sell is precisely balanced to provide the nutrients that are mentioned on the label. We make sure everything is tested in a 3rd party lab in order to obtain the highest quality and that the guidelines of good manufacturing practice are upheld.

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