Cannabis Plant

Ever Thought About Growing Your Own Cannabis Plant?

If you haven’t, you should!

There are so many things that the Cannabis Plant can be used for. Not to mention the benefits to your overall health and carbon footprint. Many people have been using cannabis plants along with their extracts for different medical purposes and just in their day-to-day livelihood for centuries. In modern day, many studies have developed around this versatile and abundant plant to find out if it does do what everyone says it does.

We at CBD Oil Angels have no doubt in the benefits and power of the Cannabis Plant and that’s why we think everyone should be taking cannabis/CBD every single day.

Currently, this can prove a little costly in some parts of the world; so in that case, why not think about growing your own cannabis plant?

Needless to say, planting cannabis by yourself can be exceptionally rewarding. Yet, you do not need to plant a whole field of cannabis in order for you to get a good quality plant that gives you just what you need.

Here’s a few things to think about if you want to learn how to grow one cannabis plant in your own home that can serve you a bunch of times over.

1. Choose the right location  

Do you want to have your cannabis plant indoors, or outdoors? Keep in mind however that growing indoors will give you more privacy and helps you to control the growth of your plant more easily. In addition, growing your cannabis plant indoors can be less expensive in terms of taking care of the plant as time advances.

With that in mind, what indoor space would be ideal for growing one cannabis plant? In fact, you can grow your plant almost anywhere in your house as long as it has access to fresh air and water.

Examples include an empty closet, an extra bathroom you may have in your house, a spare corner in your garage, etc.

2. Choose the right lighting 

There are lots of distinct grow lights that will help you grow your cannabis plant – including the sun (if you plan on growing your cannabis plant outdoors). These include HPS (High Pressure Sodium), Fluorescent light bulbs, LED grow lights, MH (Metal Halide), and so on. Choosing one of these will depend on the conditions in which you’re growing your cannabis plant so make sure you do your research!

3. Find the right soil mix

You need to keep in mind that each medium you use for growing your cannabis plant will have different care requirements. The following are the most used soils and growing techniques:

  • Soil
  • Soilless mix
  • Hydroponics
  • Aeroponics, aquaponics

Depending on the convenience of finding the right soil as well as your growing conditions, you will have to see what the best option is.

4. Choose your strain and get your cannabis plant

It would be better if you can purchase clones or cannabis plant seeds from a source that you trust. This way you can be sure of the genetics and quality you are buying. So whether that means higher CBD content or THC content, or maybe even Cannabis that has CBN in… make sure you speak to an experienced grower or supplier.

5. Start by germinating your seeds

It seems that the best way out there to germinate your seeds is to set it down in a starter cube (e.g. Rapid Rooter). Keep these cubes succulent and warm, and your seedling should start popping out from between two or three days, to one week.

In order for your cannabis plant to grow big and strong, make sure you water it and feed it with additional nutrients just like any other plant.

If growing your own Cannabis Plant isn’t your thing, but you’re still interested in reaping the benefits of cannabis products, don’t hesitate to visit our shop. All of our products are 100% organic and undergo CO2 extraction in order to make the highest quality CBD out there.

For any questions you may have, you can always talk to one of our team representatives through the comment section below or using the phone number above.