Cannabis Spray

Could A Cannabis Spray Be An Appropriate Solution For Anxiety And Stress?

It’s handy and pocket-sized, but would you consider using a cannabis spray to relieve daily stress?

As the realm of natural medicine and cannabis develops, it’s becoming increasingly clearer that we don’t need to rely on smoking cannabis in order to get it into our bodies.

The trick behind any cannabis product is getting the levels of THC and CBD right. These are the two main cannabinoids naturally found in the cannabis plant. Depending on the levels of these two components, a user will experience a very different affect – especially as CBD is known to counteract the affects of THC.

THC is the molecule that causes a psychoactive reaction, whereas CBD is one of the cannabis molecules that cause a non-psychoactive reaction.

So How Can A Cannabis Oil Spray Help Me?

CBD is becoming a popular topic amongst scientists who are researching its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving affects, as well as its ability to help aid sleep and de-stress.

The serotonin receptors in your brain are what control anxiety and depression – manufactured drugs like Prozac tap into these by making sure serotonin isn’t absorbed into the brain but instead kept within the “synaptic space”. More serotonin in this area means more serotonin-filled signals and thus a boost in mood and reduction in anxiety.

CBD works similarly to this and in fact some researchers say that it is even more efficient than man-made drugs (well, nature knows best!)

More and more studies are being conducted on the topic of CBD and its abilities to help reduce stress – and with very promising results.

Should I Consider A Cannabis Mouth Spray Or A Cannabis Nasal Spray?

Well, that’s completely up to you! Some people aren’t too fond of the taste of CBD and so would prefer a nasal spray, whereas others quite enjoy the taste. Whichever your preference, you will still be getting the same amount of CBD into your body. (However, the quickest way is to vape CBD.)

So, what now? I want to spray cannabis!

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