Cannabis Strains

Cannabis Strains – The many layers of one of nature’s most powerful plants

The cannabis sativa plant is one of the most powerful and versatile plants on the planet. Its uses can range from fabric to food protein, medicine and much more!

Although many people view cannabis as a single plant – and to some extent this is true, the plant actually contains different strains that can help one benefit from different desired effects.

Whether you want something to help you boost and optimize your health, the cannabis plant has something for you.  We have put together this brief cannabis strain guide so you can become more formally introduced to the plant and its properties:

Indica, Sativa & Hybrid

The two main strain families of the cannabis plant are Indica and Sativa. Nowadays, due to the development of science, we have also been able to create a new “hybrid” strain that is a mixture of the two.  Within each of these three families there are hundreds, if not thousands of different strains, each with different amounts of CBD, THC, and other components of the cannabis plant.

Each strain is scientifically balanced in order to provide a specific effect. Let’s see what those cannabis strain names are:


Indica, also known as “in the couch” in a more casual setting, is named as such for its relaxing properties. This type of strain usually contains more THC than CBD, and therefore provides a more psychedelic/relaxing effect. It is the best type of strain to help people with sleeping disorders, as it provides more of a body high than a mind high and therefore relaxes the muscles – perfect for when you need a good nights sleep. It is perhaps the strongest strain of cannabis, as its effects are felt in the body. If someone asks you which cannabis strain has the highest THC, you now know the answer 😉


The sativa strain produces a more energetic and “head” high, and is often used by people to help them stay active and be more productive. This strain is known to motivate the mind and so it helps a lot in fighting against anxiety. There is a higher CBD content in the Sativa strains.


The hybrid strains are the middle ground between the body high and the mind high and so can help for things such as cramps; using the bodily effect of the Indica to reduce the pain all while remaining awake and productive with the sativa component.

You can check out more information in this cannabis strain guide by Leafly .

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