Cannabis Tampons

Cannabis Tampons – Are they real?

There seems to be a misconception floating around the internet regarding Cannabis tampons, also know as hemp tampons. So if you are reading this we are sure you are wondering where or not they actually exist. The short answer is no, although there is a little more to it. There are some people who have created DIY “cannabis tampons”, which you can research more into if you are interested, but the misunderstanding actually originated from cannabis suppositories, which the media seems to have termed tampon cannabis.

CBD suppositories are small capsules that can either be placed in the rectum or the vagina. But it is not fair to call or associate them with tampons, because according to the Oxford Dictionary a tampon is “a plug of soft material inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual blood.” These do not absorb blood in any way, and can not be removed after use like a tampon. Therefore, it is rather misleading to call them cannabis tampons.

However, they are inserted into the vagina like a tampon and have been know to aid in relieving menstrual pains, with many women reporting that it has replaced and even works better than pain killers. They can also be used in conjunction with a regular tampon or period pads and it is highly recommended that you store your suppositories in a refrigerator before use, to harden the capsule and make it easier to insert.

If you are looking for cannabis tampons for sale, we hope that you are now better informed that you will not be receiving a tampon as you know. But keep CBD suppositories in mind as a solution to make your periods much less painful and to help aid in the cramps and back pains associated with periods.

Not only that, but some people with prostate cancer have reported successful use of them during their treatment and recovery period.

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