Growing Cannabis

6 Hot Tips For Growing Cannabis That Means You Reserve All The Good Stuff.

There are a variety of different ways to grow Cannabis, be it indoors or outdoors.

At CBD Oil Angels, we’re all about sourcing products that are as organic and natural as possible. we make sure that all of the plants that go into our products are grown outdoors so they have a lot of space to reach very high heights!

But what’s the trick behind how to grow cannabis?

Here’s some hot tips for the best way to grow cannabis outdoors:

  1. Be aware of your climate. It’s not necessary to have warm and sunny weather, but compared to freezing temperatures, your plants will fare better in these conditions. It’s important to know that different seeds will react to different weathers in different ways. So be sure to know which kind of seeds you have before you start germinating. These plants are known to be versatile!
  1. Know your strains. Some strains of cannabis are specifically developed for being grown outdoors, whilst others are for indoor use. Know the difference and what plant you should be growing for your own cannabis. At CBD Oil Angels, our Cannabis plants are grown with the highest CBD content in mind.
  1. Timing is important. Depending on where you are growing cannabis, you should be aware of when to begin and when to harvest for a full product. Typically, spring is the best time to start so they can grow nice and strong until summer has passed.
  1. Sunlight please. As with most plants, you should grow your cannabis in a place where it gets sunlight. Be careful though – if they’re in the direct light all day, you will need to be sure that they get enough water (but don’t over-water them!)
  1. Protect your plants. As you will be growing them outdoors, you must be weary of rodents, insects and birds. Throw a net over them and have a look into good plants to grow near your cannabis in order to keep the pests away.
  1. Start up a compost. Fertilizing your cannabis plants is important as they need nutrients to grow happily and higher – just like any other plants. Chemical fertilizers can damage the growth of the plants, so using an organic approach is best. Collect up those loose vegetable peels and start composting – note, this will need a couple of months preparation before you start using them in the soil.

So why grow cannabis outdoors?

A lot of people prefer to grow their cannabis plants indoors due to privacy factors and that they can control the elements like light, heat, ventilation etc. However, growing outdoors means that most of the time, your cannabis plants will be stronger and you will have more of them!

And what happens when you have more plants? You need more space. Growing indoors in such a case would probably be a little bit more chaotic, not to mention take up precious room in your home.

Why grow your own cannabis at all?

Simple; it means you have a lasting supply that you know no one has tampered with through the use harsh chemicals and pesticides. By having an abundance of cannabis, it means that you can make your own CBD products that can help optimise your health.

And what if growing cannabis just isn’t for me?

Then buy high-quality, lab-tested products from a company you can trust.

All of our products are organic, natural and pesticide free – they contain less than 0.2% as we are not in the business to make our customers high, but instead make them healthy.

Head over to our shop to see what we’re talking about, and of course, if you have any questions just speak to one of our team using the number above or the comments below!