Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis: a breakthrough for our generation?

The term Medical Cannabis refers to the use of the cannabis plant as well as its basic extracts for treatment purposes. These treatments include symptoms of different diseases and health conditions.

Some studies have shown that the cannabis plant consists of many chemical strains that are effective in curing symptoms of a wide variety of different conditions; because of this there is a strong argument to suggest that medical cannabis should be made legal.

The legalisation of cannabis is now something that is happening bit by bit all over the globe as people are now finding it easier to obtain legal cannabis that can be used for medical purposes.

There are several noticeable differences when it comes to the medical uses of cannabis concerning different illnesses.

According to the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, there is compelling evidence of the medical cannabis benefits for treating chronic pain, the side effects of cancer chemotherapy (such as nausea and vomiting), neuropathic pain, etc.

Indeed, many clinical studies concerning the use of medical cannabis have mostly been stimulated by the many positive experiences of patients that are using cannabis as medicine. In the same context, enhanced appetite, inability to feel any type of pain, antiemetic, and many more other medical cannabis benefits were discovered.

Furthermore, many observational studies have brought to light many beneficial therapeutic effects. This especially came about in a study carried out with Alzheimer patients in order to examine the effects of THC stimulating appetite. As a result, not only did the patients’ appetite and body weight increase, but some of their perturbing and discomforting behaviours also reduced.

Another interesting example to mention is related to a chronic hiccough that was caught after a surgery. In fact, while no medicine has helped cure the chronic hiccup, vaping cannabis turned out to be very effective in putting an end to the symptoms.

It seems that Cannabis Medicine frequently demonstrates very positive and beneficial effects in different types of illnesses, however more studies are being done every day in order to get some solid research.

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