CBD Oil’s Benefits

CBD oilAlthough cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years, the full potential of CBD oil is only just being realised. CBD oil benefits including the alleviation of the symptoms of illnesses which include several cancers, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

Despite plenty of anecdotal evidence from people all over the world extolling the benefits of CBD oil, the pharmaceutical industry has been slow on the uptake. However, there have been a few treatments that have been produced which either contain cannabidiol or use synthetic alternatives to mimic the same activity as those found in CBD oil.

CBD oil has no negative side effects

Many people may feel put off by taking a product derived from cannabis primarily because they may not want to experience the ‘high’ that is associated with the plant. However, the compound that causes the high – THC – is not present in CBD oil. THC is the psychoactive compound which can trigger feelings of nausea, paranoia and sleepiness. While the cannabis plant contains many different chemicals which all have varying effects of the body and mind, it has been medically proven that CBD has no negative side effects. Therefore, the individual can take the doses of CBD oil with little to no ‘high’ feeling.

How scientific research is proving CBD oil benefits

Research has shown that CBD oil has anti-spasmodic, anti-anxiety, anti-epileptic and anti- psychotic properties. Because of this, it has been the subject of research across the globe in its effects on social anxiety disorders, rare forms of epilepsy including Dravets syndrome and post- traumatic stress disorder.

Pre-clinical studies have also suggested that CBD oil has huge benefits on the treatments of nausea (with several cancer drugs now adopting synthetic versions of CBD to prevent nausea relating to chemotherapy), diabetes, schizophrenia, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

With CBD having anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective and anti-oxidant properties, it has performed remarkably well in the shrinking of tumours in mice in recent lab studies. Further research is being carried out to test its performance in degenerative and ageing diseases including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

CBD oil has also been recommended to be used by healthy adults. A very small amount per day has a positive effect on a person’s level of stress and anxiety, as well as improve sleep, appetite and digestion. CBD also helps reduce pain, strengthen heart health and protect skin.

While the pharmaceutical industry slowly wakes up to the power of CBD, there are people around the world, who were once seriously ill, are now living and breathing examples of the benefits of CBD oil.

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