I’ve heard of CBD, but what is CBDa?…

Maybe you have heard of CBDa when reading through an article about CBD. But do you know what CBDa means and what it is?

Basically, CBDa is a compound found in the cannabis plant. CBDa is also known to have many health benefits including hindering breast cancer symptoms.

Many people wonder about CBDa Vs. CBD. As already known, the cannabis plant produces both CBD and THC while growing. CBDa is then the acidic forerunner of CBD. This simply means that when CBDa is heated, CBD is obtained.

Can CBDa be as beneficial as CBD? Let’s take a look at some CBDa benefits.

Latest research has shown that consuming CBDa can be as advantageous as consuming CBD. Some of CBDa benefits include:

  • Treatment for Cancer : CBDa helps in preventing cancer cells from dispersing. As a matter of fact, the combination of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant helps in reprogramming the cells in a way that stops them from spreading. This way, it helps treat the tumour by shrinking it.
  • Treatment for inflammation: CBDa plays the role of an anti-inflammatory throughout the body.
  • Anti-bacterial: CBDa seems to prevent the growth of bacteria helping fight against all types of infections and health conditions from common things like ear infections right up to pneumonia.
  • CBDa prevents nausea and vomiting making it an anti-emetic substance.
  • CBDa also plays the role of a painkiller helping with pain management

CBDa is available in different types of cannabis products. All of our products are organic and natural. They also all contain no more than 0.2% THC which means that none of our products will make you feel high.

If you have any further questions concerning CBDa, make sure you get in touch with one of our team representatives through our phone line or just comment on our website. Head over to our shop now to see what CBD we have in stock!