Hemp Hearts

Hemp Hearts – A Little Introduction

Hemp hearts are the edible part of hemp seeds. In fact, hemp hearts contain a great amount of nutritional content, and so it goes without saying that there are many health benefits that go with consuming them.

To start with, hemp hearts are considered as full protein. They are also comprised of EFA’s (essential fatty acids), which are very important for our bodies. Also, hemp hearts other great vitamins such as A, D, E, B1… the list is endless!

Hemp hearts help increase energy:

Research has shown that when consuming hemp hearts, our bodies are able to produce lasting energy thanks to the combination of fatty acids, protein, and carbs they contain.

It has also been proven that hemp hearts enable our energy levels to increase without having to add any other tonic (e.g caffeine).

Hemp hearts help with your appetite: 

Other studies have shown that the quantity of protein in hemp hearts is very helpful for restraining your hunger, especially the one you can usually feel between main meals – the protein in hemp hearts positively affect your hunger enabling you to make healthier eating choices when it comes to dinner times.

Hemp hearts are good for weight loss:

Hemps hearts seem to be very beneficial when used in a weight loss program.

If you add hemp hearts while you’re on a diet, you’re unlikely to regain the weight you lose as they do not play the role of a temporary fix, but rather of a daily adjustment to your diet.

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