Hemp Lotion

Hemp Lotion – Your Skin’s Best Friend

Hemp is such a powerful product. For decades, people have been benefiting from medical and edible hemp products. As a matter of fact, hemp products such as hemp lotion, hemp face cream, or hemp body moisturizer have many healing benefits that go beyond just having a soft skin.

For example;

Hemp Lotion contains vital fatty acids:

When using any type of skin product, you need to make sure you’re using the something with natural ingredients as not to irritate your skin. That’s why hemp lotion is great – it’s comprised of essential fatty acids.

Studies have proven that your body is always in need of essential fatty acids. Yet, your body alone can’t actually produce them – strange huh! This is why it’s important for you to get your EFA’s from outside sources (e.g. hemp moisturizer).

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are also found in hemp lotion. When consumed through applying hemp body lotion, it allows your skin to strengthen and helps your body to remain healthy.

Hemp Lotion can help treat severe skin conditions

Some pieces of research have shown that hemp lotion can apparently help in treating some painful skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. People suffering from Psoriasis experience their skin cells separating faster than normal. But when using hemp skin products or a Hemp moisturizer, it can help postpone the division of the skin cells especially due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Hemp lotion contains vital vitamins.

Besides containing essential fatty acids, hemp lotion also contains a high portion of many skin-friendly vital vitamins:

  • Vitamin A: Best for anti-aging wrinkles
  • Vitamin D: to improve the skin’s natural elasticity and reduce dark spots
  • Vitamin B6: helps to prevent acne and other skin problems
  • Magnesium: balances hormones and boosts the process of skin cells
  • Potassium: helps to keep the skin moisturised and well hydrated

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