Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein: The Perfect Source Of Protein?

Hemp protein isn’t something usually found in the mainstream. Which is unbelievable seeing as it contains 30g of protein for every 100 grams (that’s more protein then you would find in 100g of chicken!)

Not only is it packed with protein – it also has a ton of amino acids, nine of which your body cannot produce on its own and so needs to get from certain foods.

When comparing hemp protein to other protein powders its bountiful amounts of omega acids and fibre makes it more beneficial to your body than the rest.

What Is Hemp Protein?

Hemp protein is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant – we know what you’re thinking… however, hemp contains less than 0.2% THC which means it cannot produce any psychoactive affects or get you “high” – making hemp protein perfectly legal and super healthy.

What Are The Benefits Of Hemp Protein?

1. Needless to say, helps you get all the protein you need.

Protein is essential for your body to grow and repair, in fact it actually makes up your organs and muscles. Protein increases your metabolism which means you can burn fat faster. A lack of protein results in tiredness and hinders your ability to lose weight among many other health issues.

2. Good for the heart.

The fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) in hemp have shown to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and in some cases prevent heart disease.

3. A friend to your colon.

Because it’s so high in fibre, hemp protein can help reduce constipation so you can naturally clear toxins out of the body. A high fibre diet means you won’t have to worry about things like diarrhea or hemorrhoids as much.

4. Helps kick the craving.

When you crave sweeties, it’s actually your body telling you it needs nutrients. Hemp protein is full of fibre which keeps your blood sugar levels balanced. A balanced sugar level means less cravings for sweet things.

5. Helps your immunity.

Some of the plant proteins found in hemp are known to be the easiest for the human body to ingest and are in charge of keeping the blood formulating healthily – especially when it comes to creating antibodies. The latter of which are key to your immune system.

Not sure about how or when to use organic hemp protein? Chat to one of our representatives in the comment section and they’ll fill you in. Don’t forget to head over to our shop to see what hemp products we offer!